Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the questions most frequently asked regarding the FREE LARGE PRINT CROSSWORD and WORD SEARCH PUZZLES posted on this website.

"...I love your large print cross word puzzles and word searches and print them out frequently for our rehab patients. I am just curious why the clues of your cross word puzzles usually don't have much of anything to do with the title of the puzzle..." Joni

All of our crossword puzzles are initially created in the free-form format with 100% topic specific words and clues. When converting to the standard format, we try to follow the rules of construction established by Simon & Schuster (the first publisher of crossword puzzles) and the New York Times (publisher of popular newspaper crosswords). These rules include the following:

"Many American crossword puzzles feature a "theme" consisting of a number of long entries (generally 3-5 in a standard 15×15-square puzzle) that share some relationship, type of pun, or other element in common.” Simon & Schuster

“The clues in an ideal puzzle provide a well-balanced test of vocabulary and knowledge, ranging from classical subjects like literature, art, classical music, mythology, history, geography, etc., to modern subjects like movies, TV, popular music, sports and names in the news. Clues should be accurate, colorful and imaginative.” New York Times

At Q.E.T.S, we try to include a minimum of 6-10 theme words in each standard large print puzzle along with an additional 5 to 10 theme related definitions for words that have more than one meaning. We are trying to increase that number with each puzzle revision.