If you missed any of the free large print standard crossword puzzles that were posted to our Web site, you will find them here. Each PDF file includes a puzzle grid page, two definitions pages and a solution page.

Standard Crossword Puzzle Archive

Crossword Puzzle Theme words: All of our standard crossword puzzles are initially created in the free-form format with 100% topic specific words and clues. When converting to the standard format, we try to follow the construction traditions established by Simon and Schuster and the New York Times, which state that 1) theme words, generally 3-5 in a standard 15x15-square puzzle, should share some relationship or other element in common and 2) clues in an ideal puzzle should provide a well-balanced test of vocabulary and knowledge including both classical and modern subjects. At Q.E.T.S, we try to include a minimum of 6-10 theme words in each standard large print puzzle along with an additional 5-10 theme related definitions for words that have more than one meaning.


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